Nobody cares?

Let’s face it, finding interesting examples of street and urban art on the internet is about as easy as finding whippets at a Phish concert, though not as rough on the brain cells.
So I constantly try to ask myself, what makes this blog special, and what will make it different from the thousands of instagrammers, flickrs, tweeters, facebookers, etc., devoted to this very popular topic.
I’ve thought a lot about these questions and have decided to try and track the evolution of some of these different pieces over the course of time.
The image we see here was originally featured as one of the first posts on this blog here. It was the baby R2D2 with an overturned black magic marker bowl of pasta on his head. Just recently, someone (it might be tmnk) has added the red crown and the words “Nobody Cares”. On the inside of a dead-end street on a doorway that spends about three-quarters of the day blocked by a delivery van, I’m sure it must feel that way. At least once a day when I pass by on my way to and from work however, if even just for 2-3 seconds, there will be somebody who does.