Poblenou, the new village

Today I decided to check out the neighborhood of Poblenou (literally, New Village). Once known as the Catalan Manchester, Poblenou boasts a number of old factories surrounded by a small cluster of buildings nearby. These buildings make up a labyrinthine mini-town, a stark contrast to the rest of L’Eixample with its large cornerless city block structure. Within the residential areas I didn’t find very much in the way of art, though it seems the neighborhood was either getting ready for or cleaning up after their summer festival.
As I hit the fringes of the small, squat homes, I found a series of gardens where old factories once stood, only a few crumbling walls remained. It was on these walls where I found some fantastic, colorful images, some partially eaten away or covered. The image presented here was found on a small side street near some factories which have been converted into offices or design studios. I look forward to taking more time to see what else lies hidden in this delicious example of urban decay.

This almost reminds me of the Mouth of Truth in Rome.