Eyes up and forward

There are numerous ways to get from the buzz of downtown Barcelona to the small-town charm of Gràcia, but one of my favorites is the Carrer Riera de San Miquel, which starts at one of Barcelona’s busiest crossings, Avinguda Diagonal and the glitzy Passeig de Gràcia, and winds its way up, ending at the famous Travessera de Gràcia. It also runs parallel to the wider and  more well-known Gran de Gràcia, and for this reason is quite easy to miss. Even easier to miss was this piece from C215, which is on the street-facing side of an electrical box, partially blocked by the metal support structure protecting it from errant drivers who go a little too fast on this street’s narrow curves. Car-damaged electrical boxes are an everyday sight in Barcelona, along with the resulting chaos if that box contains control switches for nearby traffic signals. This box seems to have fared pretty well so far. Could this vigilant face be watching out for it?