A tribute to impermanence

In my “about” page I mentioned the impermanent, ever-changing nature of images on the street as one of the things that attracted me most to urban art. I’ve just now realised that it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a picture of an image in transition. As my archive of photos grows larger, some of these images have a tendency to get lost and be eclipsed by their fresher colleagues.
So today, when my free dropbox account gave me the monthly ultimatum to delete and destroy or upgrade, I did indeed do a bit of cleaning, mostly moving to internal storage. But I also took the opportunity to seek out a few forgotten pieces, images which no longer smelled of drying paint, images with curled-up edges, sides of faces peeled away and left half-expressionless. Of these images there are many, and I will post them one at a time, and once in a while, as a reminder to readers, and myself, of an important part of the original raison d’être of this blog.