I want to start this post off with a confession. While the vast majority of the pictures I post on here are images I’ve stumbled upon by accident, today’s photo is the result of an initial tipoff from local Barcelona TV channel BTV, which ran an article on this piece last week. I of course wasted little time hopping on the nearest Bicing bike and, with broken bell and screeching front brake, made my way to the corner of carrer Ciutat de Granada and Almogavers. The corner was empty, and it was overcast, and dusk was just beginning–perfect conditions for a shadow-free photo.
The image shows the sister of current Spanish king, Felipe VI, Cristina de Borbon and her husband, former Olympic star and disgraced entrepreneur Iñaki Urdangarin, known together as the Duke and Duchess of Palma (Mallorca). Iñaki, the Duke, has been embroiled for the last two years in a money-laundering scandal which involves businesspeople and many high-level politicians. His wife, formerly known as the “Infanta Cristina”, or daughter of the ex-king Juan Carlos, had managed to dodge suspicion until recently. She has now been implicated in the case and will likely have to testify.
If this blogger had to make a bet on the outcome of the situation, I would say that don Iñaki will likely be sacrificed while the former royal daughter will be spared. The damage to the image of the Spanish monarchy is undeniable, however, as can be seen in this image.