Over the course of the summer, I’ve encountered a number of large, mural-sized images on the free walls of Barcelona and the even freer walls of Copenhagen. Such larger-than-life images are a departure from the original photos that inspired me to start this blog. If you have the patience to scroll back to the first posts, you’ll notice that a majority of them are smaller pieces, hidden in shady side streets, images that are sometimes no bigger than my hand. As time goes on, I find myself passing the same images, and a zero-tolerance policy instituted by the local council seems to have had a somewhat chilling effect on the appearance of newer work. One notable exception would be the walls that form the “Murs LLiures” initiative, which have become a space for some brilliant, ever-changing mural work.
However, for me there’s still something extra-special about the non-sanctioned, non-commissioned work, the one put up under cover of darkeness, or with speed and stealth in addition to artistic skill. It’s for this reason that you’ll very rarely find pictures of the work done on the metal storefront shutters, as oftentimes this work was commissioned by the shopkeeper. This is in now way meant to say that I don’t appreciate their quality, but it’s not something I’ve ever considered for this blog. One notable exception is the project which decorated the shutters of my local market.
The images you find today were all taken on different mornings, and in different parts of the city.

The skater girl is a pasteup which is on a wall that faces the large plaza in front of the MACBA, and is one of the prime skate spots not only in Barcelona, but Europe. It is generally male-dominated, though it’s possible to see an occasional young woman rolling by. I wanted to include this as a tribute to all those aspiring skater girls.

The image of Jimi Hendrix blowing a bubble (since removed) was above a rubbish container in Gràcia’s PLaça de la Revolució, the same spot where I documented an earlier sighting of Jimi. The “slight return” in the title of the post is, of course, a nod to one of my favourite Hendrix tracks.

Finally, the image of the baby, which I had originally noted down as baby cop, has an interesting connection to another previous sighting of a law enforcement officer. The same hat appears in both. And it wasnt until just this morning that it dawned on me exactly what the baby was doing with the hat. I suppose that would explain that one-of-a-kind gron of satisfaction