At the end of Carrer Girona runs a street which connects the upper part of the well-gridded Eixample with the more organic, chaotic streets of Gràcia. The street is called Milà i Fontanals and plays host to a number of small bars, vermut joints and one of Barcelona’s first Nepali restaurants. Along the way, you can also find some interesting images, some of which have been previously featured on this blog. At the very beginning of this street is an empty lot which has been previously protected by the aluminum guard rails which indicate that someone is deciding what to do with the tiny patch increasingly-rare urban emptiness.

It appears that a decision has been made, as the last time I passed by, the aluminum was gone, and the overgrowth which punctuates these empty spaces freshly mowed away. On the wall of the adjacent building are the images you’ll see here. They seem to have been there for quite a long time, placed by intrepid artists who aren’t (unlike me) put off by the presence of a fence.

As whatever will be there becomes a reality(I’ve heard rumours of a huge hotel), I imagine these little slices of spontaneity will be forever lost as another crack gets filled in the concrete jungle.