These images are taken from my latest trip to “Agricultura”, which is one of the more active of the free walls projects. Among my favorites are the cursed, cobra, the graffiti version of “The Thinker”, and the airborne cluster of houses. There was also a reference to the current political tension between Catalonia and the Spanish central government, with the image of a person in a grey t-shirt from whose head is exploding an estelada, the flag which celebrates the idea of Catalan independence. It looks as if someone with a can of black paint is not in favour of the idea of independence, as the word cabrón (asshole, son of a bitch, etc.) scrawled across this image would suggest.

As noted in the title, Street Scraps has garnered yet another mention, this time in the reader-selected Best Barcelona Blogs 2016. I’m honoured to be among a group of people who feel as passionate about our city as I do. You can check out the page here. Also be sure to check out the main page for Spotted by Locals, as it is full of great content for cities all over the world, selected by people who know them best–the locals.