Last Friday, I was heading toward the Barcelona airport to catch my flight to the US, I spotted this piece from TV BOY, which had been up for nearly a month to commemorate Sant Jordi’s day. April 23rd is the annual tribute to Sant Jordi (Saint George), who is the ptron saint of Catalonia. It is a day when lovers and friends alike gift each other roses and/or books. It is a festive occasion, and one of the first true rites of spring, a panorama of streets and plazas crowded with booksellers, and stalls selling the traditional roses.

There was a decidedly feminist tone to this year’s celebrations, with books about Santa Jordina as the dragon-defeating heroine.

The artist has used both protagonists of this new version of the story, but has added a more peaceful, and happier ending to the story.

Seeing this before boarding the airport bus was indeed the perfect way to say a short farewell to my adopted hometown and homeland.