After living in Barcelona for just over 8 years, I’ve become numb to some of the more well-known treasures that surround me: the modernism of l’Eixample, the Sagrada Familia, etc. Quite by accident (by taking side streets to get some shade) I started noticing more and more of these little gems and decided to start archiving them.

Because the canvas is the street, these images are exposed to the elements, cleaning crews and other artists. They are temporary and always changing. Some of these images could be referred to as “damaged goods”. But for me, that’s precisely where their beauty lies, constantly evolving, until they have become something totally different.

This constant state of flux is something we’re experiencing right now in Spain and Europe in general. I imagine some of these examples of street art reflect this reality.

I generally try to post twice a month, but depending on where I am in the academic trimester, that number could go up or down. Expect more in August when I have more time to shoot, write and post. i am also teaching myself Sony video editing software in order to create a music video/slideshow.

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