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Post number two of my NYC trip is dedicated to the street art tour I decided to take on a chilly Saturday morning. The tour was run by an outfit called Free Tours By Foot, and they run tours on all different types of themes in cities all over.

It definitely felt a bit odd, to be walking with a tour group in a city which I had called home for so many years. But considering that my interest in street art didn’t start until well after I had left NYC, it was a really great way see the city for the first time. The tour guide was a great source of information, being an artist himself, and put a lot of time and research to make the tour as educational as possible. I definitely learned a lot, and don’t feel quite so much as a layman as I did before.

The tour took us through SoHo, Little Italy, Chinatown, and scraped the Lower East Side, all areas which were a part of my regular stomping grounds when I lived there, so it was a great experience to see such familiar streets from a different point of view. The tour finishes off on Mulberry street in the slightly tacky heart of Little Italy, so I didn’t linger around for too long. Though I couldn’t resist grabbing a cannoli before moving on.

Needless to say, I definitely recommend this tour next time you’re in NYC. There are also tours of Bushwick, Astoria, and Williamsburg available. Here’s the link.


Love is in the air: A birthday tribute to Banksy and my Holy Grail of street art

This shot comes not from some splintered doorway or electrical box, in fact I have yet to find an authentic Banksy on the streets of Barcelona. This image instead can be found on my right shoulder, and is one of Banksy’s most famous pieces as rendered by Oscar at Sputnink Tattoos here in GrĂ cia. It was a birthday present from me, to me and came only after three or four months of thought and consideration. I had a number of my favorite street art images in mind for the tattoo, but finally decided on this one, as it is one of the works I would most like to see in its natural habitat, my Holy Grail of street art. As famous as it has become, the chances of finding it “in the wild” are slim to none, and so I thought this would be the next best thing. I think the artist did a great job and I’m happy with the results, though still a bit itchy.