Resistance on the corner 3: Dreams Evicted

You may remember a previous entry dedicated to the Casal Popular de Gràcia, a youth-run social centre and squat that occupied one of the more visible corners of the neighborhood, Torrent de l’Olla and Ros de Olano. After over 10 years, the city executed an eviction order, and of course faced heavy protest. There have been a handful of small protests since the initial eviction, most notably on the 30th of April, when the city sent an army of 300 gas-masked riot police to secure the neighborhood against the threat of a group of about 100 protestors. The protestors did manage to get some messages onto the grey-painted shutters which once served as the canvas for the pictures I featured on the other “resistance” entries. Translated, the first message reads “An eviction can’t erase dreams. Up with the youth!”
The second and third panels come from a small protest this past Saturday night, the 11th of May, which was also a response to the heavy-handed police reactions to peaceful protest on the 30th. These stencils were painted on one of the common neighborhood targets for the crisis and corruption provoked-ire on the streets: the branch of “La Caixa” in Plaça Diamant. The message reads “Mossos out!” For those unfamiliar, the Mossos d’Esquadra are the autonomous police force here in Catalonia, and the BRIMO, or Mobile Brigade are the riot force which has gained notoriety for several instances of heavy-handed brutality. the BRIMO are the images you see stenciled on the bank windows. The final panel is a message sprayed on the shutter which once had the fiery cat image featured here. The message simply reads, “We’ll be back”