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Italian artist TVBoy, who has gained notoriety for portraits of the Pope and Donald Trump, Messi and Cristiano, and just yesterday an embrace between deadlocked politicians Mariano Rajoy and Carles Puigdemont. My shots are decidedly less contraversial in nature, portraits of modernized masters Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso, reimagined as street artists. I’ve also decided to include two photos of myself with the masters. This dynamic duo (minus me) can be found on the Carrer de Santa Tecla, near Corsega, in Gràcia.


High-Voltage Crucifix

A Dalí-like crucifix appeared on the metal cover of this electrical utility box in Gràcia about 2 months ago and has remained relatively unscathed, which is surprising for something which is in such easy reach of passersby. Perhaps it’s the warning sign above which keeps meddling fingers away. Or perhaps another power, higher and more mysterious. Makes me wonder, WWDD (What Would Dalí Do)?

Dalí's door

I’ve walked by this particular door many times over the past 8 months or so since starting this blog, but I’ve only just now gained the ability to capture a decent image of the entire doorway. I don’t remember exactly where this unmarked doorway hides, but I’m pretty certain it’s of a restaurant of some sort. I wonder what surreal stew could be bubbling in the pot beyond this door.

Emergency! All protests great and small

I had originally gone out yesterday to get some photos of the demonstrations related to the “Diada” of Catalonia, which were 1.5 million strong. One of the best photos I managed to get is here. In the Plaça de Sant Jaume, where the Barcelona city council and Regional government of Catalunya are located, I found a medium-sized group of people gathered in a small circle, many with their mobile phones raised high, suggesting that there might be something photo-worthy. It was, in fact, a small protest against the various festivals throughout Spain which involve the killing of a bull. You can find the photo here.
So why the links for these two photos? Well, I prefer to keep this blog more or less on topic; I want to devote this blog to these little things I find on the walls, doors, and sometimes windows of this great city.
While wandering some of the side streets in order to get around the million and a half extra people that were currently wandering Barcelona, I found this emergency exit, decorated with this image of two polo shirts emblazoned with a panicked-looking face. Could it be the face of Dalí?