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Up from under the boot

This image is one of several that have been popping up around Gràcia. They all seem to have a political message, but their most distinguishing feature is their size. All of them average the size of a small garage door. Because of their scale, they tend not to last as long as smaller pieces of art, and because of this I try to get as many shots as possible, even if it means interrupting the momentum of my morning runs. I’ve already posted one piece that occupied a wall near the Plaça del Sol, and this one can still be found near one of Gràcia’s most beautiful streets, Carrer Verdi. In the image we can see a group of people trying to lift themselves from under a rather oppressive piece of footwear which has become all too present one the streets of Catalunya and Spain as popular ire continues to rise.



This graphic is a tribute to the police action by the Mossos d’Esquadra anti-riot squad when they brutally broke up the 15 May movement protesters in Plaça Catalunya. It was called a cleanup, which is why the caption is BCNeta, the municipal cleaning crews. In case you missed it, the police action is here.

Art is my weapon

If this is true, Barcelona is a pretty dangerous city.