NYC, a repurposed mailbox

My visit to NYC was very short and the weather about as nasty as I remember it for the end of December. When I ascended from the depths of Penn Station the city was being attacked by that light fluffy snow that Christmas dreams are made of, a Miracle on 34th Street a day late. By the time I reached my destination in the East Village, the fluff had turned to sleet, making every corner an ankle-deep puddle of slush. The wind decided to pick up also, reducing all but the most expensive umbrellas to piles of discarded aluminum-frame skeletons next to almost every trash bin. Not exactly street art safari weather. The next day the weather cleared up and I was able to make a short trip round the Lower East Side, though I didn’t stray too far south of Houston, as an especially stubborn karaoke and bourbon-induced hangover was just starting to kick in. What I did manage to find was this abandoned mailbox, which was painted over in red and white and sprinkled with some random images. I imagine we’ll be seeing more like this as the email revolution continues to spread. I hope to see the same type of conversion for phone booths as well.