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Having a dog is a great excuse to get out and explore new areas of the city. My latest trips have taken me uphill, where the views of the city and the sea are marvelous, and there is also some nice street art hiding in the steep hills above the city.

The first few pictures come from the area near the Bunkers del Carmel, which served as the city’s defenses from fascist aerial attacks during the Spanish Civil War. The views are spectacular, and if you go during the week, you might be able to recapture some of the secluded off-the-beaten-track appeal. At the top of the hill you can find some walls which are painted with some murals, including one of the famous literary figure Don Quixote.

The rest of the photos are from the Vallcarca neighbourhood, which lies just next to Park Güell. This area is worth exploring as there are some interesting buildings and plazas, as well as some spectacular views of Barcelona spreading out toward the Mediterranean.

The dog days of summer are probably not the best time to explore this area as the sun seems to beat down a bit harder the higher you get, but a cloudy day in early autumn would be perfect for a climb, and besides, the pictures come out shadow-free on cloudy days.

Resistance on the corner

These four images come from the Casal Popular de Gràcia, an occupied building that can be found in Gràcia on the corner ofTorrent de l’Olla and Ros de Olano, one of the major cross-streets of the Vila. According to the blog, it’s been a center of social, cultural and political activity for 15 years. It seems that it has also endured a number of eviction attempts by the city government, adding to its status as a symbol of resistance. Regardless of your opinions on the okupa (squatter) movement, I would recommend passing by this corner any time you visit Gràcia, as the artwork is constantly changing. These shots are from the late summer.