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The majority of the shots in this post (including the first-ever shot of myself) are the work of the urban pop artist TVBOY. They are part of a series of famous artists from the past with touches of the present, including a Frida Kahlo Iphone selfie–the shot in which I couldn’t resist joining the famous Mexican artist for a rare narcissistic arm’s length self-portrait. The shot of Serge Gainsbourg comes from the artist Valerie Maho, and the great Muhammad Ali in stencil was created by RAF Urban. The other image (from sm172) which I’ve included is a darker reflection on our pop-selfie culture and is a statement on the voyeuristic bystander syndrome which seems to be a side effect of all of us being able to record and photograph all that we see, while forgetting to experience it, or get involved when necessary.


Alien in Madrid

Found this one hidden on a wall in a small alley somewhere between Atocha and the Puerta del Sol. I imagine that having come from cube-shaped planet of flat surfaces and sharp angles, this alien thought that a simple tilt of the head would help him understand this labyrinthine sunless corner of his new world. He’s chosen the wrong street, and is now overwhelmed all the illogical curves and sudden slopes…