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Today’s shots come from the free walls at Tres Xemeneies, near Avinguda Paral·lel, some random wanderings through the neighbouring Raval, and a new location (at least for me): the Jardins de Walter Benjamin, which are just near the Port, and mark the last frontier before the city gives way to Montjuic Park. As suggested in the title, the “gardens” themselves are nothing to marvel at, but the walls, which separate them from the playground of a local school, are the main attraction.

The Raval was full of tributes to famous faces, among them Debbie Harry, Kafka, Dennis Rodman, the late Prince, Jesus Christ (by artist sm172), and Football Club Barcelona’s favourite tax-dodging wunderkind, Neymar Jr.

As my geo-tagging feature on my camera app has become a bit unpredictable with the latest android update, my locations aren’t quite a precise as before. That said, a good wander round the Raval/Poble Sec area does a body good!



Splotched, scarfed and strangled in black and white

The image of this young woman seems to be taken from above, but she’s just across the narrow street from me. I’ve backed up until I hit the wall behind me in order to be able to capture as much of her as possible. While I’ve never been a big fan of wearing scarves except for in only the very coldest of conditions (could be related to the same strangulation complex that makes me miserable in a turtleneck),she seems to wear it well. Even the splotch of brown paint which is spread across the bottom of her face seems to have its own strange appeal.

And now a special message from the Gobierno de España

I imagine this could just be put in a prominent corner of the cover of most newspapers in Spain these days–except the sport section. And even better, during the news broadcasts, they could use it as the little station ID graphic. For the first 20 minutes anyway. For the other 40 minutes when they talk about sports just a little smiley face.

Piranha plant

I remember shooting fireballs to kill these things back in the day…

Where are my clothes?

She wants to know…

Ho vol saber…

Lo quiere saber…

Behind bars 2

This image reminds me of the evil bunny from Donnie Darko.

Aquesta imatge em recorda al conill dolent de Donnie Darko.

Esta imágen me recuerda al conejo malo de Donnie Darko.

Those cats were fast as lightning...

Despite having only half a head and a problem with his feet.