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Baby R2d2, spring collection

This will be the baby R2d2’s third appearance on the blog, although he hasn’t evolved since tmnk added the crown, my better camera now allows me to get a clear image of the entire doorway. When this doorway isn’t being blocked by the delivery van that spends most of the morning there, it makes a really interesting addition to this dead-end turn on the way to Plaça Revolució. The newest images are the ghost chained to the increasingly-ubiquitous bombs and the famous yellow popsicle image which can be found at points around the city and metropolitan area. Which one is your favorite?


tmnk: Lama in Love

On this sunny Easter–sun seems to be unusual in Barcelona during the Semana Santa–I leave you with this image enhanced by artist tmnk. This is, of course the Dalai Lama, and I found him sitting quietly on one of the sidestreets that connects Les Rambles with the Portal de l’Angel. You can see another great piece of work from the same artist on this blog here, using Lenin as a basis.

With or without the love?

On the right side is a stenciled image I had found toward the beginning of my collecting career, hence the poor color quality, etc. I liked the goggles, reminded me of some post-punk performance video I saw in college, people beating on metal, machinery, with chains hanging everywhere. I think there might have been sparks or some minor pyrotechnics, but the goggles were mostly for effect. They may have been wearing one of those thick aprons that machinists wear also. Anyway, the image on the left was the same stencil but at a different location. This one has been retouched with the crown and a bit of love, which I think comes courtesy of artist tmnk, who we’ve seen here and here. So ignoring the poor quality of the right side image, is the goggled guy better with or without the touch of love?

Lenin in Love

Mr. Lenin with his balloon and the later-added love are very close to my front door. Next to the art gallery on the corner. The “Love” was added by street artist Tmnk.