Wolf boy

Despite having had his fuzzy jowls torn away, this image is easily recognizable as someone who was probably classified as a human wolf, werewolf, etc. Perhaps it’s dedicated to this famous example. For me it brought back memories of the morbid fascination I had as a young boy with the lobster man, mermaid girl etc., whenever I found myself around one of those tacky travelling carnivals. Prohibited by my parents from the shoddily constructed rides and the rigged games of skill, I was somehow able to scrape the 50 cents or dollar to walk through the tent of whatever human wonder was on display, enticed by the recorded message that whoever was inside was indeed alive and guaranteed genuine by a team of medical experts. And if that wasn’t enough, there was an ambulance waiting in case anyone fainted from the trauma. No word on if they would refund your money if you happened to lose consciousness.