My annual trip to NYC this year left me little time to snoop around for interesting street shots as my hotel was in the financial district and I had cut my stay back by one day compared to last year. I spent most of my time rediscovering the streets of lower, lower Manhattan which I had only visited a handful of times in my years living there. I hit Wall St., dodged gawking tour groups and vendors hawking homemade memorial booklets near the 911 memorial pools and had some good old American Chinese at one of my all time favourites, Wo Hop. I also took detour down Mulberry Street, the so-called Little Italy, where I weaved between waiters standing outside the mediocre restaurants trying to entice hungry tourists, pastry shops with petrified cannoli proudly on display and the odd Italian-themed New York (read Guido/Jersey Shore) souvenir stands. An all-around festival of tackiness. But among the ruins, I was able to find some interesting murals, including a larger-than-life Audrey Hepburn and a door-sized work from Alice Pasquini. The title of this post is of course a tribute to one of the first books I was read, and later read, as a child, a great poem by Dr. Seuss which details a little boy’s fantastic walk down a rather ordinary street.