I had originally intended for this month’s second post to be dedicated to the Gràcia neighborhood festivals, highlighting the decorated streets as I do every year. Those plans were interrupted by the terrorist attacks which shook the city’s central pedestrian artery, the Ramblas. For this post, I have decided instead to post some photos I took of the makeshift memorials constructed on the Ramblas which followed the van’s deadly path down the busy sidewalks. Some of the smaller bundles of flowers mark the fallen. The memorials remind me of the ones I saw nearly 16 years ago in Union Square just after the September 11th attacks. Also included is a mural that popped up in Gràcia after the attacks.

The memorial continued to swell and grow over the two weeks following the tragedy, until they nearly overtook the wide street. My photos mark the first day and the last days, after the city sent archivists to collect and store the materials left by the thousands paying their respects.

The festivals of Gràcia continued, though with a decidedly more somber note, with many of the rowdier night activities cancelled. I managed to get some photos, which I’ll be posting in the next week or so.

Just an explanatory note about the title. The phrase “no tenim por” means “we are not afraid” in Catalan, and has become a rallying cry in the days following the attacks, being chanted in the streets.